Tell Mom is simply an audience for voices that are under threat during the Trump presidency. If you are harassed or threatened because of your gender, race, sexual orientation, immigration status or religion, it is not just a bad day. It is indicative of bigotry becoming socially acceptable. Make a report via our website and we'll be in touch, checking in to make sure you are safe and have the tools to recover and go on about your day. Tell Mom is not a formal counseling service nor is it a replacement for contacting law enforcement. If you are in immediate danger, contact law enforcement and emergency services. 

This project was inspired by the brilliant work of TellMAMA, which monitors and supports the victims of anti-Muslim hate in the UK. Unlike the staff at TellMAMA, the Tell Mom administrators are not trained case workers. However, we have all felt the vitriolic abuse that has become commonplace as the country has swung away from tolerance and towards brutality. We are all members of the communities that have been placed at the bottom of the totem pole. We have stood where you are standing and we know how it feels. The anger, the fear, the disappointment, the self-doubt: none of these emotions are unfamiliar to us. We draw on our experiences to aid you with yours. We listen and check in, making sure you got home safely and that you feel ready to leave the house again tomorrow. 

When we get your report, we'll do some basic research before contacting you about the resources available in your area, some safe spaces you can visit, and even local protests and charities that you might want to check out if your activist side is blossoming. If you want to have a plan for what to do or say if you are threatened again, we can work that plan out with you. 

If all you want is for someone to acknowledge that this happened, then consider us your witness.